In December, the GBHO unveiled the sign which notes the local retired train bridge’s entrance onto the National Historic Register of Places. The ceremony concluded with the sign’s uncovering and a walk to the bridge itself. Trustee Jim Moreo who spearheaded this project spoke to the group that was gathered.  The L-158 bridge was placed on the National Historic Register in 1978.  It started it’s life spanning the Roundout Creek in Kingston, NY. 

When the Muscoot Reservoir was constructed a larger bridge was needed to span this body of water.  The Muscoot Creek was a much narrower waterway. The railroad company purchased the bridge and brought a section of it to Golden’s Bridge in 1904.  Jim also explained that when the
reservoir was lowered years ago, Native American fish weirs were discovered. Weirs are stone walls in a body of water that direct fish to areas where they
are easy to catch. 

Thanks also needs to be given to Mr. Lew Catone of Old Golden’s Bridge. He worked with American Legion Post 1734 for a donation which facilitated the purchase of the sign’s pole.

Come check out the sign on the Rte 138 bridge that spans the reservoir, adjacent to the historic L-158 train bridge.