The mission of the Goldens Bridge Hamlet Organization is to: preserve the historic and natural beauty of the hamlet, drive initiatives that provide a positive impact for its residents, and work closely with public officials and local merchants to ensure the future progress of Goldens Bridge.

Send our elected officials a message that 684's noise, pollution, and visual blight impact our quality of life here in Goldens Bridge. Click Here to sign and mail the attached petitions. OR the GBHO will mail out your petition. Drop it off in the mailbox at 14 Green Hill Road.  


Take Action


There's a new sign at the Goldens Bridge train station parking lot. 

Tony Goncalves of the GBHO worked in conjunction with Senator Murphy's office and Brewster Signs to create a sign that was unique to our Hamlet while adhering to MTA guidelines.

Check this site and our FB page.  We are constructing the Anderson Lane - Rte 138 pedestrian path on Saturday, May 22 starting at 9am.  Volunteers are needed!

Our Mission



Memorial Day Parade & Ceremony

10:30am to 11:15am

#1 Old Bedford Road

Ceremony is at the Community House


*** Meeting Notice ***

March 27, 7pm I.M.E.S. Cafeteria
Public Q&A Session with the developer of the Merecedes Benz dealership.
Ask questions about this proposed expansion in our community.

March 27, 7:30pm I.M.E.S Cafeteria
Planning Board Public Hearing focusing on the proposed Wilder Balter Development.
Ask questions about this proposed housing development.

April 11, 7:30pm I.M.E.S. Library
GBHO public meeting


*** Meeting Notice ****

The next public hearing for the proposed Wilder Balter development TENTATIVELY set for March.....


The Planning Board needs to finalize the date with the KLSD.


​*** Please note ***

Richard Sklarin has been appointed to the vacant spot on the Planning Board.


The Pound Ridge Town Board actively introduced to the public a developer’s intent to construct a 39 unit housing development.  Ten of the units fall into the affordable housing category;  the balance are market rate. It appears the Pound Ridge’s outgoing town supervisor is aiming to keep the public in the loop at every step of the process of this potential development.

Please consider donating to the GBHO.

We have done much good work in a short period of time. The trustees continue to diligently move projects along. There are operating costs that the trustees have been covering up to this point.

Thank you for considering a tax deductible donation. No donation is too small!

-The GBHO trustees

In December, the GBHO unveiled the sign which notes the local retired train bridge’s entrance onto the National Historic Register of Places. The ceremony concluded with the sign’s uncovering and a walk to the bridge itself. Trustee Jim Moreo who spearheaded this project spoke to the group that was gathered.  The L-158 bridge was placed on the National Historic Register in 1978.  It started it’s life spanning the Roundout Creek in Kingston, NY. 

When the Muscoot Reservoir was constructed a larger bridge was needed to span this body of water.  The Muscoot Creek was a much narrower waterway. The railroad company purchased the bridge and brought a section of it to Golden’s Bridge in 1904.  Jim also explained that when the
reservoir was lowered years ago, Native American fish weirs were discovered. Weirs are stone walls in a body of water that direct fish to areas where they
are easy to catch. 

Thanks also needs to be given to Mr. Lew Catone of Old Golden’s Bridge. He worked with American Legion Post 1734 for a donation which facilitated the purchase of the sign’s pole.

Come check out the sign on the Rte 138 bridge that spans the reservoir, adjacent to the historic L-158 train bridge.